Face Serum Types And Their Benefits

• Serums are all killer and no filler, containing the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can get without a prescription. Compare—cleansers and moisturizers usually contain between 5 and 10% active ingredient, whereas serums can contain up to 70%. This means that you’ll actually get results, whether you’re looking to even tone, reduce fine lines, brighten, firm or get rid of dark spots.

• If you have sensitive or breakout-prone skin, you know how important avoiding cheap occlusive agents (like mineral oil and petroleum) can be. Because serums are especially designed to be delivery systems, they don’t contain any of those. Their goal is to make sure that their fancy active ingredients (peptides, stem cells, vitamins and beneficial minerals) get past the outer layer of your skin and deliver their greatness deep down, so anything that could get in the way of that mission is left out of the cocktail entirely. The result? A pure, potent skincare potion.

• People with acne-prone skin, rejoice! Unlike traditional moisturizers (which can leave a pore-blocking layer atop the skin), serums have a watery consistency—and many are, in fact, water-based instead of being oil-based. This means they absorb much faster without any breakout-encouraging residue left behind. What else could one ask for?

• It happens to us on the regular: when our skin gets oily, the last thing we want to do is moisturize and add more fuel to the grease-fire. But then our sebaceous glands go bonkers, overproducing oil to try to compensate for what it feels like is chronic dryness. So our attempts to make our skin less oily actually end up making us oilier! Where will the madness end?

• That’s where serums come in. Far lighter (and faster to absorb) than moisturizer, they keep your skin hydrated without contributing to that greasy feeling that we all hate so much. And because you’re keeping hydrated, your skin won’t go nuts overproducing sebum—thus making you less oily in the long run.

• But wait. Serums are more expensive than any other skincare product. How will that save me money? If you invest in a good serum, you’ll actually have something that works. No more wasting money on multiple products that are just ok, or that you think might be working; a great serum is actually going to give you visible results.

• It all comes down to what you’d rather spend money on: five cheaper products that take up space on your shelf and do nothing for your skin, or one product that does amazing things and costs a little more. Trust us: once you find your perfect serum, you’ll never waste your dollars on anything else again.

Vitamin A/Retinol Serum

A retinol serum benefits the skin in many ways. It is one of the most effective anti-aging products available and is also useful to help control oily skin. Retinol can fade age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin smoother. It can help control acne and skin oil production, and even help make your pores appear smaller. It increases cellular turnover and is a good age preventative.

Retinol is a popular anti-aging active ingredient because it is very effective. Users report a reduction in winkles and discoloration, such as age spots. Some people have been able to completely eliminate fine lines and mild discoloration. A retinol serum benefits the skin by increasing cellular turnover, which is a major contributor to aging. As we age skin cells replace themselves at a slower rate, leaving it less able to repair itself from day to day damage. Retinol also has an exfoliating effect, which can lead to mild peeling and skin flakiness. Regular exfoliation makes skin smoother and also enhances the effects of skin care actives by removing a dead layer of cells that inhibits absorption.

A retinol serum benefits oily skin by reducing skin oil production. Its exfoliating effect also helps keeps pores clear, leading to fewer breakouts. Many users report a smaller pore size with regular use. Dry skin is a side effect of retinol use, but this makes it possibly the best facial treatment for oily skin.Vitamin A Serum is proven to be good choice for your skin.

Vitamin C serums

Ideal for women of all ages and skin types, the skin care benefits of vitamin C serum are numerous, beginning with the most popular – it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.

The bane of any woman’s existence are fine lines and wrinkles. But rather than give into the abyss of aging, the regular use of vitamin C products can combat their very appearance because of their concentrated levels of antioxidant-rich vitamin C, which helps boost collagen production, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, you may find that you have more youthful looking skin without the need for any expensive cosmetic procedures.

In addition to its anti-aging benefits, topical vitamin C is also great for protecting your skin from damage—especially from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. That’s because vitamin C is an antioxidant, so it naturally helps to strengthen your skin and repel things that could damage it. Of course, topical vitamin C should not be considered an alternative to wearing sunscreen, but when combined with regular sunscreen application, it can really work wonders for your skin.

Vitamin C has also been found to help even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. This is great for those who are tired of trying to conceal the dark circles under their eyes and want to enjoy a more youthful, bright, and vibrant appearance.

Vitamin B serums

Vitamin B is a wonder vitamin because it is so versatile. Not only does it perform so many beneficial functions for the skin on its own, it compliments other skincare ingredients to boost their power.

Deficiencies in B vitamins are often first seen in the skin, this can be in the form of; redness, irritation, dermatitis or even pigmentation, and this has lead skincare developers to enhance the use of topical vitamin B to provide a wide range of skin benefits.

The B group most influential in skin is B3 or Niacinamide. It is easily absorbed by the skin, so it gets straight to work deep in the layers of the skin where it’s needed, and its list of accomplishments is impressive! Niacinamide reduces redness, yellowing or sallowness and the appearance of hyperpigmented spots, it improves skin texture, refines pore size by regulating sebum production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves moisture by strengthening the outermost layers of the skin.
For problem skins, acne and rosacea patients can reach for this vitamin to improve their skin barrier function as well as increase their tolerance to topical retinoids (vitamin A). Ageing skins and those with sun damage will also reap the benefits of the combination of niacinamide and vitamin A.

Hyaluronic Acid Serums

The way hyaluronic acid works is quite simple, really: it attracts moisture to the skin, and then it keeps it there, keeping it well hydrated, soft, and smooth. It’s incredibly powerful; hyaluronic acid serum can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in moisture! And while the human body does produce its own hyaluronic acid, predominantly in its skin tissue, it produces less and less with age, just as we produce less collagen and ceramides. The end result is that skin gets dry and loses its elasticity and radiance as we get older — unless, that is, we use products rich in hyaluronic acid to reduce wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin.

Antioxidant serums

One of the most desirable benefits of antioxidants in skin-care products is the calming of inflammation. Antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid and others found in pine bark and green tea, produce valuable anti-inflammatory results by increasing circulation and cell metabolism. Reducing inflammation promotes more even skin tone and helps keep acne and wrinkles at bay.

Another top benefit of antioxidant skin care is skin firming. Antioxidant serums may actually reverse the effects of aging by improving skin health and rejuvenating its appearance. Coenzyme Q-10, or CoQ-10, is a common skin-firming antioxidant and is great for use in eye creams and products that are meant to tone the skin. Although it is nearly impossible to make wrinkles disappear, serums with antioxidants can help plump out the skin and make it appear more youthful. Most antioxidants are great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


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